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Haim overwhelmed by show
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Haim can’t get over how good a recent show in London was, saying it left them “mindblown”.

Haim had their mind blown after playing a show in London.

The band, made up of sisters Danielle, Alana and Este Haim and drummer Dash Hutton, released their first album Days Are Gone last year and have quickly garnered international success.

They took home the NME award for Best International Band recently and are lapping up the attention they’re receiving in the British capital.

“I’ve never been mindblown after a show and I’m completely mindblown and I don’t even know what’s going on right now and [Primal Scream star] Bobby Gillespie is in my dressing room and I have no f**king clue how that happened because I’m the biggest Bobby Gillespie fan and, on top of everything, he told me that he liked how I ran onstage…” Alana rambled to Britain’s NME magazine after playing a packed gig in Brixton, London.

The musicians have won praise for their folk-rock sound and have a reputation for speaking their mind and having fun.

They’ve previously attributed their success to all those who ever doubted them and are busy preparing to tour the US for the first time, when their shows kick off next month.

“We finally get to go home! We haven’t even done one tour of America. [Starting over] is the fun of being an artist. It’s about finding your way to play bigger shows. I’m excited,” Danielle exclaimed.

The band originate from California and have played on top US TV show Saturday Night Live.

They have a huge fan base across the pond and feel a strong connection with their fans in Britain.

“We just got a plaque [in the dressing room] that has posters from all four UK tours… It’s crazy that we’ve sold out every UK tour we’ve been on. So f**king nuts. I’m f**king mindblown,” Alana laughed.

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HAIM nominated for 6 NME Awards
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That’s right your favourite band are nominated for 6 NME awards which includes best fan community! Voting closes February 21st so get those votes in everyone
HAIM have been nominated for the following:

  • Best International Band
  • Best Live Band
  • Best Music Video – Falling
  • Hero Of The Year – Este Haim
  • Best Fan Community
  • Best Twitter – Alana Haim
  • All of you better vote!

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Livestream – Haim in the Red Bull Sound Space
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HAIM will kick off a new season of the Red Bull Sound Space at KROQ on Wednesday.
The live show will be broadcast over the SoCal rock station KROQ 106.7 FM, and we’ll webcast the entire performance on RedBull.com/Music beginning at 1:00 p.m. PT / 4:00 p.m. ET, so fans from all over the world can tune in.
And if you miss the live broadcast, don’t worry, the entire set will be replayed for 24 hours.
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Coachella 2014
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The Coachella lineup for 2014 and HAIM will be playing. The band once admitted that they will never play Coachella due to other commitments. Tickets have already sold out.

We play this one gig – a church fete – every year, and it’s the same date as Coachella. ‘When I was 17 I said to my parents, ‘Radiohead is playing Coachella this year – I’m going.’ And my parents didn’t let me. I just bawled. My friends said, ‘Why the f**k don’t you just run away?’ I was like, ‘You haven’t met my parents!’ ‘ More

Here is the full lineup:


Alana Haim: ‘Performing for David Cameron was like playing an office Christmas party’
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In an interview with the BBC, the youngest member of Haim revealed that when the band performed in the Manchester studio in September 2013, they had no idea what the TV show was, let alone that the Prime Minister was going to be watching.

“We didn’t know we were playing to the Prime Minister,” she said, before describing David Cameron as “nice”.

“It felt like I was playing cover versions at my mum’s real estate office for their Christmas party. And then they were, like, ‘and here’s the Prime Minister’ and we were like, ‘Woah! That guy’s here!’”she said.

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